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For a limited time, LMA is offering an extra special Anniversary enrollment special!

Enroll in our school and your 1st month tuition is only $40! 

Enrollment fee is also only $40! 



Kids Night Out on Valentine's Day!

 From  6 - 9 p.m. let us entertain your children while you enjoy an evening together.

February 14  

Fee: $25 per child

includes pizza, drink and dessert, movies and lots of fun!!!!!


February is Testing Month at LMA

Testing dates are Feb. 23 & 24

Belt Ceremony & Family Pot Luck is Friday night starts promptly at 6 p.m.

Students to wear their full white official uniform (NO T-Shirts, NO Black pants.)

More details in the studio




Special rates for our LMA & HC families during the month of February.

contact us via 

for more details and to schedule an appointment!

Thanks you!






 Check out our next Kid's Night Out with a ZOOM twist!!!

You really don't want to miss this one.....siblings and friends welcome....

Please note weight and age restrictions.  If a younger child wants to attend but can not participate in ZOOM, we will start them at 6pm for the usual time frame.  We will be outside for the first 1 1/2 hours of event.










 Focus, Goals, Commitment

Our LMA family Rocks! So many friendly faces and beautiful families we are privileged to serve.

  LMA believes the martial arts is more than just a "skill" that we "do" but a "life skill" that we "live". 



Red Tip Week is the week prior to Testing. During this week, students that may be eligible for belt testing will be evaluated during classes. If the Instructors see they know the necessary material the student receives a Red Tip on their belt.  
Once received, parents, please go to the front desk to fill out the Testing Application.
Older students and higher ranks should fill out and sign application.  The testing fee can be paid directly at the front desk or if you have a card on file you can request to have the fee charged to your card.  


Our LMA theme for 2013 is NO EXCUSES!  This theme can apply to all areas of our lives, adults, teens and children alike.  (Look for new "LMA No Excuses" T-shirts later in the month)  What are your goals going to be this year?  For all our martial arts students, what belt and curriculum level do you want to reach by the end of 2013?  

To our Leadership students now and coming up, how are you going to prioritize Leadership classes and fulfilling the martial arts spirit through the circle of passing on your art to others?  Begin mentoring in the Leadership Mentor/Buddy class, start assisting lower rank classes, bring in new students to learn martial arts.....?   

More martial arts goals for all our students to think about for the year:  
1) I will compete in at least one LMA tournament and one LMA recommended tournament off site.  
2) I will participate in 2 LMA special seminar events to broaden my knowledge and skills and meet another high ranking experienced black belt that want to share his art.
3) I will support as many fun LMA events as I can this year, because we have fun with our LMA family and friends!
4) I will be faithful in helping lower ranking students and lead by example in and out of our studio.
5) I will show courtesy and respect at LMA and at home by keeping our studio and my room neat.
6) I will share my martial arts spirit by referring in a friend.

The 9 Characteristics of a 
Lacombe Martial Arts Black Belt

All our students no matter the rank should learn and strive to achieve these characteristics.  To us at LMA, these traits represent the heart of a True Black Belt.  Although we are all human and not perfect, these characteristics should remain front in center in our lives. 
When we mess up, NO EXCUSES, face our error or mistake with humility and have the courage to rectify or change what needs to be done.  Sometimes it is an act, sometimes something in ourselves needs to change or evolve.  Our goal should always be to become a better person. Then pass it on.........our studio is a perfect place to take what we have learned and apply it on the mat and by giving back through helping others.  
Throughout the months of this year, we will take time to highlight each one of the LMA Black Belt Characteristics. 
Start thinking of examples of how you live out these words in your everyday life and in your martial arts life.
This month we will focus on LOYALTY.


Saturday Dragon Class is Now Open to Parents!

The Saturday Dragon class at 10 a.m. is now a Parent Participation class too!

So Parents, come prepared in comfy clothes to join your child on Saturdays.

No charge for that class for the parent, just lots of Fun!!






October 20, 2012 

 Mr. Drake Seldin, 2nd Degree Black, Mr. Chip Lightfoot, 1st Degree Black, Ms. Lila Marshall, 1st Degree Black

 Back Row L-R: Master David Dunn, Master Jim Chandler, Master Lang Boston, Master Roger Lacombe, 

Master Steve Steve Smith, Mr. Chip Lightfoot.
Front Row L-R: Student of Master Dunn, Mr. Drake Seldin, Ms. Lila Marshall

The 9 Qualities of an LMA Black Belt: Courtesy, Courage, Compassion, Respect, Loyalty, Honor, Honesty, Humility, Discipline


   Thank you to all the families and fellow mates that came to support their classmates as they pursued their goals of "Black Belt and Beyond"! 


Thank you LMA family for your Referrals!!
*Your Studio needs your help to Grow!
Referrals are our best form of support and growth for our school.
Summer is a Fantastic and Fun time to share your martial arts spirit by referring in your family and friends!  Every friend that enrolls earns you your Eagle Patch and Red Stars!

And don't forget: Earn $tudio Credit for your referrals that enroll in our program.  Referral bonus is $20 toward tuition, testing fees or pro shop for each student enrolled. 10 referrals earns a year of tuition! 

Some of you are on your way!!! Way to go!    *Restrictions apply 



Happy JUNE Birthdays! 



If we missed your Birthday, let us know!!  We don't want to miss you!


On July 19th, 2012 Master Lacombe was awarded his 5th degree Master Rank in the art of Chun Kuk Do under the United Fighting Arts Federation (UFAF) founded by and Grandmaster Chuck Norris

Photo: Master Lacombe has achieved his 5th Degree Masters Rank in UFAF. He had to perform in front of a very distinguished board including Master Norris.
We are all so proud of him!!!!

The UFAF International Training Conference that was in Las Vegas, NV this past week and weekend was once again a fun and exciting time!  The Saturday evening Dinner and Ceremonies was attended by almost 600 UFAF members and their families!

The weekend was filled with great workshops for all ages and ranks in addition to the International Tournament throughout the event the second half of each day.

Our LMA school would have a blast bringing a bunch of our students and families to this event to learn, have fun, and watch. This year LMA attendees were Master Steve Smith,Mr. Aaron Alston-Roth, Mr. John Feldman, Chip Lightfoot (adult Red/Black), Ariana Vujicic (adult Green).

So with that said, plans are in motion to plan for next year's UFAF ITC!

Remember that all our Orange Belts and Above should already be or be joining UFAF.

Link to UFAF New Members


A Reminder of the Terms and Conditions of Karate Programs
Monthly Tuition Rate is based on a 12 month agreement and is automatically drafted on your billing cycle each month from a visa or mc.   Tuition continues regardless of attendance.
No make ups for missed lessons beyond testing cycle.  Privates must be scheduled in advance.
All programs take into account studio closures for holidays, events, continuing education/staff development, etc.
These terms and conditions are subject to change.  
*Cancellation policy: 45 days written notice from billing date. (A reinstatement fee will apply to re-enroll)