Welcome to LMA's In-Studio Proshop! 

The items below are available for purchase in our studio.  Some items may need to be ordered.

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LMA School Patch

Retail: $12.

American Flag Patch

Retail: $5.

Lacombe Martial Arts
Dog Tags

Retail: $10.

Green and Red Trim

For Formal Uniforms

Retail: $6.









Black Trim

For Formal Uniforms

Retail: $12.


LMA Formal School Uniform

100% Cotton with Screened Logo 

Retail: $40

Add $5 for sizes 5 & up

Heavy Weight White Uniform

Retail: $80.

Add $5 for sizes 5 & up

Dragon Attire

Some items are available in the Studio or Visit Dragon Attire's Website for the full line of products  



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Basic Training Package

Recommended for White/Gold Belts and Above

Package Price $169.

Uprade to Warrior add $20

Individual pieces purchased seperately are more. 


Black Belt Package 

Recommended for Orange Belt and Above

Package Price: $190.

$160 without private lesson


Individual pieces purchased seperately are more.


Leadership Package

Recommended for Red/White Belts and Above

Package Price: $215.

Retail Value: Priceless!


Individual pieces purchased serperately are more.



Escrimas (Short Sticks): $30 

Rubber Nunchakus: $5

Bo Staff: $30

Kamas: $20 

Package Includes: Complete Sparring Gear (head, hands, feet, shin), mouth guard & case, LK mesh equipment bag, LMA Studio patch and American Flag Patch.

Cup and Supporter add $15.


Package Includes: Embroidered Black Belt, Med.Weight Black Uniform, Black Belt Club Patch, American Flag Patch, LMA Studio Patch, 1/2 hour private with Master Lacombe


Package Includes: Leadership uniform with emboidered jacket, Leadership patch, Assistant Instructor patch (earned), LMA patch, American Flag patch, 

1/2 hour private with Master Lacombe


Lacombe Equipment Bags 






Mesh Bag: $35

Heavy Macho Bag: $65